How Social Media Comments Make or Break A Business

Social Media is everywhere and you just can’t get away from it. From Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and others, everyone is able to see what you are doing and comment about it. These comments are then calculated into other comments by people that you share your thoughts with. In other words, if you reply to something, then someone else can like it or share it with others. For a business, this type of continual commenting and/or reviews, will either make or break you.


Most people look at the reviews of a business before they pick up the telephone to ask them about their services or products. If the reviews are excellent, then that business has a greater chance of getting the caller as a customer. And if the business continues to perform well for its customers, then that business will likely have satisfied repeat customers.


Once the customers begin commenting on social media about the common practices of a business, then others will listen until you have assembled a client list of satisfied clients who will recommend your business to anyone. This leads to accumulated sales and to a successful business.


On the other hand, if the business does not receive favorable comments and/or reviews, then other consumers will not initiate contact with that business. This will likely lead to declining sales and ultimate disaster for that particular business. For example, in food businesses, if someone spills how do you make homemade hamburgers, you lose vital leverage over your competitors.